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                <img src="" />


                img {
  display: block;
  margin: 0 auto;
  width: 135px;
  height: 135px;
  -webkit-clip-path: polygon(120.01px 60px, 119.98039px 61.88465px, 119.8916px 63.76743px, 119.74372px 65.6465px, 119.53688px 67.51999px, 119.2713px 69.38607px, 118.94724px 71.24288px, 118.56501px 73.08859px, 118.12499px 74.92139px, 117.62762px 76.73947px, 117.07339px 78.54102px, 116.46285px 80.32428px, 115.79659px 82.08747px, 115.07528px 83.82887px, 114.29962px 85.54676px, 113.47039px 87.23943px, 112.5884px 88.90522px, 111.65452px 90.54248px, 110.66968px 92.14961px, 109.63483px 93.725px, 108.55102px 95.26712px, 107.4193px 96.77442px, 106.24079px 98.24544px, 105.01666px 99.67871px, 103.74812px 101.07283px, 102.43641px 102.42641px, 101.08283px 103.73812px, 99.68871px 105.00666px, 98.25544px 106.23079px, 96.78442px 107.4093px, 95.27712px 108.54102px, 93.735px 109.62483px, 92.15961px 110.65968px, 90.55248px 111.64452px, 88.91522px 112.5784px, 87.24943px 113.46039px, 85.55676px 114.28962px, 83.83887px 115.06528px, 82.09747px 115.78659px, 80.33428px 116.45285px, 78.55102px 117.06339px, 76.74947px 117.61762px, 74.93139px 118.11499px, 73.09859px 118.55501px, 71.25288px 118.93724px, 69.39607px 119.2613px, 67.52999px 119.52688px, 65.6565px 119.73372px, 63.77743px 119.8816px, 61.89465px 119.97039px, 60.01px 120px, 58.12535px 119.97039px, 56.24257px 119.8816px, 54.3635px 119.73372px, 52.49001px 119.52688px, 50.62393px 119.2613px, 48.76712px 118.93724px, 46.92141px 118.55501px, 45.08861px 118.11499px, 43.27053px 117.61762px, 41.46898px 117.06339px, 39.68572px 116.45285px, 37.92253px 115.78659px, 36.18113px 115.06528px, 34.46324px 114.28962px, 32.77057px 113.46039px, 31.10478px 112.5784px, 29.46752px 111.64452px, 27.86039px 110.65968px, 26.285px 109.62483px, 24.74288px 108.54102px, 23.23558px 107.4093px, 21.76456px 106.23079px, 20.33129px 105.00666px, 18.93717px 103.73812px, 17.58359px 102.42641px, 16.27188px 101.07283px, 15.00334px 99.67871px, 13.77921px 98.24544px, 12.6007px 96.77442px, 11.46898px 95.26712px, 10.38517px 93.725px, 9.35032px 92.14961px, 8.36548px 90.54248px, 7.4316px 88.90522px, 6.54961px 87.23943px, 5.72038px 85.54676px, 4.94472px 83.82887px, 4.22341px 82.08747px, 3.55715px 80.32428px, 2.94661px 78.54102px, 2.39238px 76.73947px, 1.89501px 74.92139px, 1.45499px 73.08859px, 1.07276px 71.24288px, 0.7487px 69.38607px, 0.48312px 67.51999px, 0.27628px 65.6465px, 0.1284px 63.76743px, 0.03961px 61.88465px, 0.01px 60.0px, 0.03961px 58.11535px, 0.1284px 56.23257px, 0.27628px 54.3535px, 0.48312px 52.48001px, 0.7487px 50.61393px, 1.07276px 48.75712px, 1.45499px 46.91141px, 1.89501px 45.07861px, 2.39238px 43.26053px, 2.94661px 41.45898px, 3.55715px 39.67572px, 4.22341px 37.91253px, 4.94472px 36.17113px, 5.72038px 34.45324px, 6.54961px 32.76057px, 7.4316px 31.09478px, 8.36548px 29.45752px, 9.35032px 27.85039px, 10.38517px 26.275px, 11.46898px 24.73288px, 12.6007px 23.22558px, 13.77921px 21.75456px, 15.00334px 20.32129px, 16.27188px 18.92717px, 17.58359px 17.57359px, 18.93717px 16.26188px, 20.33129px 14.99334px, 21.76456px 13.76921px, 23.23558px 12.5907px, 24.74288px 11.45898px, 26.285px 10.37517px, 27.86039px 9.34032px, 29.46752px 8.35548px, 31.10478px 7.4216px, 32.77057px 6.53961px, 34.46324px 5.71038px, 36.18113px 4.93472px, 37.92253px 4.21341px, 39.68572px 3.54715px, 41.46898px 2.93661px, 43.27053px 2.38238px, 45.08861px 1.88501px, 46.92141px 1.44499px, 48.76712px 1.06276px, 50.62393px 0.7387px, 52.49001px 0.47312px, 54.3635px 0.26628px, 56.24257px 0.1184px, 58.12535px 0.02961px, 60.01px 0px, 61.89465px 0.02961px, 63.77743px 0.1184px, 65.6565px 0.26628px, 67.52999px 0.47312px, 69.39607px 0.7387px, 71.25288px 1.06276px, 73.09859px 1.44499px, 74.93139px 1.88501px, 76.74947px 2.38238px, 78.55102px 2.93661px, 80.33428px 3.54715px, 82.09747px 4.21341px, 83.83887px 4.93472px, 85.55676px 5.71038px, 87.24943px 6.53961px, 88.91522px 7.4216px, 90.55248px 8.35548px, 92.15961px 9.34032px, 93.735px 10.37517px, 95.27712px 11.45898px, 96.78442px 12.5907px, 98.25544px 13.76921px, 99.68871px 14.99334px, 101.08283px 16.26188px, 102.43641px 17.57359px, 103.74812px 18.92717px, 105.01666px 20.32129px, 106.24079px 21.75456px, 107.4193px 23.22558px, 108.55102px 24.73288px, 109.63483px 26.275px, 110.66968px 27.85039px, 111.65452px 29.45752px, 112.5884px 31.09478px, 113.47039px 32.76057px, 114.29962px 34.45324px, 115.07528px 36.17113px, 115.79659px 37.91253px, 116.46285px 39.67572px, 117.07339px 41.45898px, 117.62762px 43.26053px, 118.12499px 45.07861px, 118.56501px 46.91141px, 118.94724px 48.75712px, 119.2713px 50.61393px, 119.53688px 52.48001px, 119.74372px 54.3535px, 119.8916px 56.23257px, 119.98039px 58.11535px, 120.01px 60.0px);