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saw at airport:


it would be sweet to do with CSS blend modes so you could multiply the colors together, but I don't think it's going to happen: http://codepen.io/chriscoyier/pen/uBcKh blending only works on multiple backgrounds not arbitrary elements. Maybe could do with SVG though.

Update! works with mix-blend-mode (in Chrome Canary with experimental web platform features turned on) :: http://codepen.io/cjgammon/pen/nEzpj


  1. My pen doesn't seem to display full screen properly on firefox? It only displays about 100px-200px high


  2. @mclean_tom_ Firefox decided the element collapses to the content like now apparently. So I had to fix it up to make sure both were 100% high. Or maybe I'm nuts, but it's weird it broke all the sudden like that but remained fine in WebKit/Blink.

  3. @chriscoyier Yep works now! Thats really weird that they would do that?

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