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A responsive layout using flexbox with narrative text and speech bubbles styled in CSS. Background patterns also in CSS. The only acceptable use of Comic Sans font. :)


  1. Kyle @mythicalpizza on

    One of the coolest CSS uses I've seen

  2. Forked!

    I'm gonna use it on a comics I'm planning. :-)

  3. Wow I did not know the flex-basis property. Thanks for sharing.

    MARVELous work! ;)

  4. Liked the UI! Great work!

  5. Bet this took ages to make! Good work!

  6. hey man, this is an awesome piece of work. there are few things though that came to my mind while playing with the responsive nature of your composition. the main one is this:

    layouts are very important part of comic and are an art form in itself. with a responsive layout a comic artist would lose the controll over this aspect which i presume might cause some issues with artists.

    have you got any ideas on this? or possibly some tech solutions.

    and please don't get me wrong here, i do not intend to diminish the value of your work and i can see so many potential uses of your technique, being involved with graphic artists i just couldn't escape from thinking about this issue and essentially i thought it might be a fun problem to solve :)). so once again, great work, keep on pushing

  7. @rafszul Great comment, thanks. You're spot on, there are some issues.

    One the things I love most in comic book art is the way there's a structure with boxes but then the content is allowed to break out of the boxes or run through multiple boxes. It's kind of rebellious and really brings the content alive. I'm sure it's possible with enough work and variations but it's certainly not easy.

    The other big stumbling block is the layout on a small screen. When it's just a series of boxes in one column it really loses that comic book feel. Maybe it needs to do something different at smaller sizes?

    Hopefully some clever "forkers" will come up with some cool enhancements. :)

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