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Here's one of those adorable soot balls from Spirited Away. As with Calcifer, the shape of the coal was too organic to replicate exactly, so some artistic licence had to be used :)

See all in the series: http://codepen.io/chilliconcode/pens/tags/?selected_tag=ghibli


  1. Gotta love the soot ball <3

  2. well done!

  3. Make it dance.

  4. I'd love to pick the whole series of these! Could you put them into a collection?

  5. @mariemosley Hi! Apologies for the late reply, I have a pen already with all of them together: https://codepen.io/chilliconcode/pen/ObGGGw

    I've also added them to a collection as you suggested: https://codepen.io/collection/AOpMEP/

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