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CodePen Challenges are fun opportunities to level up your skills by building things. We prompt you with a theme and our challenge to you is to learn something and build something aligned with the theme.

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The Office 🏢

TPS reports, am I right? This month we're going to be exploring some of the things you'll find in the world's most stimulating and exotic locations: the common buisness office. But of course we can get as weird and wild as we want here. What's an office without an office party?

Blogging 📝

Blogging is such a huge part of the web. What was once a niche phrase is now widely known and for good reason, blogging is just writing. A blog is just a place with published articles. In a sense, you could call just about any publication on the web a blog. Let's use this as a theme this month, focusing in on some design work that typically needs doing on blogs.

HTML Buddies 👥

Some HTML elements go together like peanut butter and jelly. Some functionally tied together, semantically symbiotic, or even polar opposites. This month we'll focus on some of those pairings, handing them off to you to consider and do something unique with, beyond what browsers do with them by default!

Retro Video Games 👾

Each week in April we'll be picking a different retro video game as the weekly challenge prompt. Nothing new and fancy here, we'll be going back to the glorious olden days of video games. Take them as inspiration do do whatever you like!

Movie Night 🎬

March is Movie Night month! Every Monday we'll email you with that week's prompt. We'll be having fun with movies. Some great, some, uhhh, maybe not so great but iconic just the same.