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                <script defer src=""></script>

<div x-data="app" x-cloak>
	<div x-show="intro">
			Welcome to the Marvel Guess the Decade game. In this game, I'll show you a random comic cover selected anywhere from 1950 to the 2020s. You need to guess the decade the comic was released. 
		<button @click="start">Get Started</button>
	<div x-show="!intro">
		<img x-show="imageSrc" :src="imageSrc" class="cover">
		<div x-show="!imageSrc">
			<p><i>Loading cover...</i></p>

		<div x-show="guessReady" class="buttonRow">
			<!-- hard coded for 1950 to 2020. todo: come back in 7 years -->
			<template x-for="i in 8">
				<button @click="guess(1950+((i-1)*10))"><span x-text="1950+((i-1)*10)"></span>s</button>
		<div x-show="resultReady">
			<strong x-text="msg"></strong> This cover is from <span x-text="cover.title"></span> in <span x-text="cover.year"></span>.
				<button @click="getImage">Guess Again</button>
			You have currently gotten <span x-text="right"></span> correct and <span x-text="wrong"></span> wrong.



                [x-cloak] { display: none !important; }

img.cover {
	width: 415px;
	height: 615px;
	object-fit: cover;
	object-position: top;
	display: block;
	margin: auto;

div.buttonRow {
	display: flex;
	align-items: center;
	justify-content: center;
	margin-top: 10px;


                document.addEventListener('alpine:init', () => {'app', () => ({
		right: 0,
		wrong: 0,
		guessReady: false,
		resultReady: false,
		cover: { title:null, year:null },
		start() {
			this.intro = !this.intro;
		async getImage() {
			this.imageSrc = null;
			this.guessReady = false;
			this.resultReady = false;
			let coverReq = await fetch('');
			this.cover = await coverReq.json();
			// add .year based on date
			this.cover.year ='/').pop();
			So, I kept seeing comics with WILDLY different years and figured out we could use regex.
			I'm keeping the code above, just in case, but this code here should help.
		  let found = this.cover.title.match(/\(([1-2][0-9]{3})\) #/);
			if(found) {
				console.log(`changing year to ${found[1]}`);
				this.cover.year = found[1];
			this.imageSrc = this.cover.url;
			this.guessReady = true;
		guess(decade) {
			// so decade will come in as a base 4d year, like 2000, 
			// my year from the API is m/yyyy. so we can easily get y, 
			// and then simply check the first 3 digits
			console.log('right is', this.cover.year);
			if(decade.toString().substring(0,3) === this.cover.year.substring(0,3)) {
				this.msg = 'You got it right!';
			} else {
				this.msg = 'Sorry, you were wrong!';
			this.guessReady = false;
			this.resultReady = true;