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                <div id="results">



                .bbgreen {
	color: green;
	font-weight: bold;

body {
	font-size: 20px;	
	line-height: 30px;


                const elements = [
  'Uue', 'He', 'Li', 'Be', 'Ne', 'Na', 'Mg', 'Al', 'Si', 'Cl',
  'Ar',  'Ca', 'Sc', 'Ti', 'Cr', 'Mn', 'Fe', 'Co', 'Ni', 'Cu',
  'Zn',  'Ga', 'Ge', 'As', 'Se', 'Br', 'Kr', 'Rb', 'Sr', 'Zr',
  'Nb',  'Mo', 'Tc', 'Ru', 'Rh', 'Pd', 'Ag', 'Cd', 'In', 'Sn',
  'Sb',  'Te', 'Xe', 'Cs', 'Ba', 'La', 'Ce', 'Pr', 'Nd', 'Pm',
  'Sm',  'Eu', 'Gd', 'Tb', 'Dy', 'Ho', 'Er', 'Tm', 'Yb', 'Lu',
  'Hf',  'Ta', 'Re', 'Os', 'Ir', 'Pt', 'Au', 'Hg', 'Tl', 'Pb',
  'Bi',  'Po', 'At', 'Rn', 'Fr', 'Ra', 'Ac', 'Th', 'Pa', 'Np',
  'Pu',  'Am', 'Cm', 'Bk', 'Cf', 'Es', 'Fm', 'Md', 'No', 'Lr',
  'Rf',  'Db', 'Sg', 'Bh', 'Hs', 'Mt', 'Ds', 'Rg', 'Cn', 'Nh',
  'Fl',  'Mc', 'Lv', 'Ts', 'Og', 'H',  'B',  'C',  'N',  'O',
  'F',   'P',  'S',  'K',  'V',  'Y',  'I',  'W',  'U'

const names = [
	'Raymond Camden',
  'Pilar Marquez',
  'Daniela Molina',
  'Maja Rasmussen',
  'Konsta Couri',
  'Lærke Jørgensen',
  'Ryan Taylor',
  'Phil Banks',
  'Rasmus Heinonen',
  'Gabriel Bélanger',
  'Panagiotis Van den Brom',
  'Frederik Thomsen',
  'Selin Eidsvik',
  'Villads Kristensen',
  'Oskari Jarvi',
  'Kenan Uluhan',
  'Steven Mills',
  'Juni Hofstad',
  'Ryder Knight',
  'Brandie Welch',
  'Aline Kommedal',
  'Mira Lima',
  'Rasmus Christensen',
  'Yasir Solbu',
  'Marine Dupont',
  'Linnea Bauge',
  'Albano Fogaça',
  'Oliver Laakso',
  'Amber Walker',
  'Adeline Naß',
  'Mohamed Muñoz',
  'Lewis Cole',
  'Lester Ward',
  'Celia Hustad',
  'Cacharel Coops',
  'Aquira Mendes',
  'Johanne Hansen',
  'Letitia Gilbert',
  'Jenny Lewis',
  'Franca Carpentier',
  'Ernesta Moura',
  'Natalia Ibañez',
  'Mariam Kampen',
  'Jayden Taylor',
  'Zarah Dirkx',
  'Ottokar Führer',
  'Romain Legrand',
  'Blake Gauthier',
  'Susana Herrero',
  'Elliot Taylor',
  'Kaitlin Willis',
  'Evan Gonzalez',
  'Samantha Bell',
  'Bowe Fontijn',
  'Wallace Bates',
  'Raymond Ross',
  'Kuzey Bayındır',
  'Monica Moya',
  'Jackson Little',
  'Clifford Roberts',
  'Gary Day',
  'Tilde Do',
  'Chloe Lévesque',
  'Vicki Ryan',
  'John Armstrong',
  'Constâncio Monteiro',
  'Phillip Hall',
  'Bruce Little',
  'Amanda Alexander',
  'Juho Kauppi',
  'Carolina Handke',
  'Leo Walker',
  'Michele Ellis',
  'Mar Carmona',
  'Kim Carpentier',
  'Matthieu Menard',
  'Vemund Søgård',
  'Marianne Ma',
  'Freja Christiansen',
  'Josefina Garrido',
  'Hazel Hunter',
  'Lutero Costa',
  'Daniel Lammi',
  'Expedita das Neves',
  'Juan Herrera',
  'Carina Rosland',
  'Liam Brown',
  'Steve Mills',
  'Iker Cano',
  'اميرحسين احمدی',
  'Arthur Tremblay',
  'Marie Austin',
  'Aurora Crespo',
  'Jimmy Holt',
  'Marie Christensen',
  'Jared Washington'

function bbString(input, className, elements) {
	// loop through elements and once we find ONE match, return
	let lcaseInput = input.toLowerCase();
	for(let i=0; i<elements.length; i++) {
		let elem = elements[i];
		let match = lcaseInput.indexOf(elem.toLowerCase());
		if(match >= 0) {
			//console.log(`I matchned ${elem} in ${lcaseInput}`);
			return input.substring(0, match) + `<span class="${className}">` + elem + "</span>" + input.substring(match + elem.length);
	return input;

let resultDiv = document.querySelector('#results');
//console.log(bbString('Raymond Camden', 'bbgreen', elements));
let html = '';
names.forEach(n => {
	html += bbString(n, 'bbgreen', elements) + '<br/>';

resultDiv.innerHTML = html;