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	<!-- Jumbo -->
	<div class="jumbotron text-center">
		<h1>Biscuit <small>2009-2014</small></h1>
		<h2>Beloved dog, friend, and family member.</h2>

  <img class="img-responsive"
    alt="Photo of a red merle Australian Shepherd, staring at a dirty tennis ball."

	<div class="bg-success top-border panel-body">
		<h3 class="text-center">His time with us</h3>
		<article class="panel-body text-justify container">
				Biscuit came to us from relatives in Florida who could no longer take care
				of him. Fortunately, he was being introduced to more room and more
				attention. The family that let us adopt him had trained him well, Biscuit
				knew a few tricks and was mostly obedient, on top of having a mild
				character. He quickly became accustomed to his new home, spent many
				happy years with us and made many great memories.

				That silly, fun loving dog taught us to enjoy the simple things.
				Things like: hopping through snow, jumping into water sprays, playing
				soccer, laying in the grass, belly rubs, yodeling. Biscuit was
				always up for anything, except when it got too hot, but give him a
				break he's got a coat on.
			<p class="text-center"><i class="fa fa-paw"></i> &nbsp;
				<i class="fa fa-paw"></i> &nbsp; <i class="fa fa-paw"></i></p>
				Biscuit was given a lethal injection after severe injuries from being run
				over by a delivery truck. The driver was not at fault.
				He had gotten into the bad habit of chasing and barking at passing cars.

	<div class="bg-info top-border panel-body">
		<h3 class="text-center">On Australian Shepherds</h3>
		<article class="panel-body quote-bar text-justify container">
				The Australian Shepherd is a medium-sized breed of dog that was
				developed on the ranches in the Western United States. Despite its
				name, the breed was not developed in Australia, but rather in the
				United States, where they were seen in the West as early as the 1800s.
				The breed rose gradually in popularity with the boom of Western riding
				after World War II. They became known to the general public through
				rodeos, horse shows, and Disney movies made for television.

					Red merle (a mottled patchwork of cream and liver red) with or
					without tan points or white markings on the face, collar, legs,
					chest, underbelly - neither white nor tan points are required. Solid
					merle dogs are equally desirable as ones with tan or white.

			<div class="bits text-right">More on
				<a href=""

	<footer class="panel-footer top-border bits text-center">
		Made with ♥︎ in Connecticut.<br>
    Copyright © 2016 <a href="">Carlos Vigil</a>.



                // Palette
$light: hsl(41, 7%, 89%);
$main-brown: hsl(34, 17%, 40%);
$libro: hsl(42, 28%, 71%);
$mellow: hsl(45, 14%, 53%);
$dabro: hsl(36, 21%, 29%);
$dark: hsl(24, 22%, 18%);

// La Mode
html, body {
  height: 100%;
  width: 100%;
  font: 1em serif;
  color: $light;
  background-color: $main-brown;

h1 {
  font-family: Merriweather;

h2, h3 {
  color: $libro;
  font-family: Merriweather;

h1 small {
  color: $mellow;

p, li {
  font-size: 122.9918693786%;
.jumbotron {
  margin-bottom: 0px;
  background-color: $dabro;

.bg-success {
  background-color: $main-brown;

.bg-info {
  background-color: $dark;

.panel-footer {
  background-color: $dabro;
  color: $mellow;

.top-border {
  border-top: 1px $main-brown;

img {
  margin: auto;

.quote-bar {
  border-left: 4px solid $mellow;