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A small collection of stylish effects with Less. See also: 10 hover effcts with scss:


  1. Looks nice. Especially bridge. Also I think that you can try to replace background-image for bridge lines with multiple box-shadow and scale animation.

  2. Yay DC-3!

  3. @caraujo so do I! My grandfather flew DC-3s for North Central circa 1955 to 1970. Do you fly? I am saving up for flight lessons.

  4. @flyingfisch Nope :(, no time for this. But i'm a huge fan of aviation. Especially ww2 ones.

  5. nice work! I especially like the BEAT animation.

  6. Looks good! By the way, there's a minor spelling mistake. "COMMING" should be "COMING" (one M). :)

  7. @caraujo ah, that's too bad. :-\

  8. Excellent work.

  9. Awesome.

  10. Some crazy serious LESS injections!

  11. great job! I love the commet one!

  12. @jstew My preferred too!

  13. very enjoyable to play with. We need more of this on the web! :)

  14. @jstew soon, soon...

  15. Bridge <3

  16. Badass! Well done, great work.

  17. Love it!

  18. these are awesome! can you please give only the beats code in css

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