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A small collection of stylish effects with Scss. See also: 10 hover effects with less:

30k views! YAY!


  1. These are amazing!

  2. Splendid! I love theme-based CSS tutorials!

  3. Chicago and Eclipse are my favourite. This is great work, you are very talented.

  4. This is flippin sweet!

  5. Marcel @marcel-robitaille on

    True genius!

  6. Epic winning at its utmost finest, my good Sir!

  7. awesome

  8. Most of these are cool, but Chicago is amazing. Good job!

  9. Good work! But the road one seems to jump a little for me and the Peak one has some weird easing making the animation seem segmented

  10. Sweet jesus mother of god O_O Especially Chicago and Mountain.

  11. @Zeaklous Solved!

  12. @carajo Much better! :D

  13. My favourite one was 'peak'. I thought it was SVG at first but 'twas pure CSS. What kind of alchemy is this? :D Gamma hearts for everything!

  14. @XDBoy018 Css clip-path, mate. Did with a help from @bennettfeely 's

  15. love it

  16. Peak and Eclipse are amazing! :)

  17. Amazing work. Truly original. Keep it up!

  18. @caporta Thank you Chris.

  19. Fantastic!!!

  20. Wonderful.

  21. Fantastic! Eclipse and Taipei are my personal favorites

  22. Awesome

  23. Love your stuff. Keep up the great work

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