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See if you can solve this classic Rubik's puzzle game made in three.js.


  1. I think if you'll add side rotating on keyboard button, it's will more comfortable.

  2. feel free to add whatever you like :) https://github.com/bsehovac/the-cube

  3. nice work

  4. Mind blowing

  5. This is phenomenal! Beautifully designed, and really satisfying to play.

  6. How did you do a thing like that? It's unbelievable, amazing and... I don't find words to explaining what I did feel playing with the cube.

  7. Awesome work, It is really impressive.

  8. Fantastic.

  9. Super cool. I find out a bug: when swiping very fast(especially using 2 fingers) it may get errors~

  10. hmm, i've disabled multitouch, i don't think that's an issue. i've just tryed to get some error swiping randomly for five minutes without success...

  11. Awesome

  12. Never seen such a beautiful implementation. Just awesome.

  13. Kapa dolje :) fenomenalno odradjeno

  14. I'm a cuber but solved it in 5:50 lol

  15. 2nd//1:12 <3

  16. My dude! Mad respect! - I've tried coding a cube before (still very much WIP) and it's so difficult! Yours works so well, nicely structured code as well! I'll be studying this ^^

  17. Brilliant, great work.

  18. The best pen ever seen to this point of time... Very nice 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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