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Created with love from the inspiration of Googles new dots!


  1. Hey man! great job here! Just one trick, if you set the animation delay to a value below 0 you wont have the dots stucked when it loads ;)

  2. Try to use transform instead of margin, because it's not smooth in this way :)

  3. Great work!

    However, as Robert suggests, replace your animation with

    @keyframes move
        transform translateY(-10px)
        transform translateY(5px)

    The resulting animation is much smoother!

  4. @FabioG @dghez @thejamespower thanks guys, didn't think of that at all -_- Will implement it!

  5. Your welcome (Y) After saw your pens I created something similar if u wanna check (http://codepen.io/dghez/pen/VvYaWq) :)

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