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              <p>This script loads jquery and the drawtools library from <a href="https://github.com/bronkula/drawtoolsjs/blob/master/draw.js">GitHub</a></p>
<p>Click and drag to test</p>

<canvas width="400" height="400"></canvas>
<div class="temp-change"></div>
              var cvs = $("canvas");
var ctx = cvs[0].getContext("2d");
var cvsW = cvs.width();
var cvsH = cvs.height();
var isDragging = false;
var originPos = false;

  .on("mousedown touchstart",function(e){
  // set the origin position
  originPos = getEventXY(e);
  // start dragging
  // draw an origin circle
  .on("mousemove touchmove",function(e){
  // cancel this function if not dragging
  if(!isDragging) return;
  var pos = getEventXY(e);
  // clear out the previous drawings
  // During the next few lines, if you switch the originPos with the pos values, you can get some drastically different results. Right now, this is keeping the position circle in a vertical line by using the originPos x.
  // draw the line in the back
  // then draw the origin circle
  // then draw the position circle
  // Draw the offset text
  // Round it, because on hidpi screens the number is a float.
  drawText(ctx,Math.round(originPos.y-pos.y),originPos.x-30,pos.y,{fillStyle:"gray",font:"16px verdana",textAlign:"right",textBaseline:"middle"})
  .on("mouseup touchend",function(e){
  var pos = getEventXY(e);
  // Write the offset amount
  $(".temp-change").html(Math.round(originPos.y-pos.y)+" Change to temperature")
  isDragging = false;
  originPos = false;
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