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                <svg style="display: none"><symbol id="star" viewBox="0 0 1024 1024"><polygon points="512 0 627 354 999 354 698 572 813 926 512 708 211 926 326 572 25 354 397 354 512 0"/></symbol></svg>

<div id="modal">
	<div class="overlay">
		<div class="feedback container--small align--center">
			<button id="close">Close</button>
			<h1 class="feedback__title">How did we do?</h1>
			<p class="feedback__description">Please let us know how your food delivery was. It will really help us to keep improving our service!</p>
			<form class="feedback__form">
				<fieldset class="rating rating__food">
					<legend>How would you rate your food?</legend>
					<div class="flex-container">
						<input type="radio" id="food-5" name="rating__food" value="5">
						<label for="food-5"><svg><title>Five Stars</title><use xlink:href="#star"></use></svg></label>
						<input type="radio" id="food-4" name="rating__food" value="4">
						<label for="food-4"><svg><title>Four Stars</title><use xlink:href="#star"></use></svg></label>
						<input type="radio" id="food-3" name="rating__food" value="3">
						<label for="food-3"><svg><title>Three Stars</title><use xlink:href="#star"></use></svg></label>
						<input type="radio" id="food-2" name="rating__food" value="2">
						<label for="food-2"><svg><title>Two Stars</title><use xlink:href="#star"></use></svg></label>
						<input type="radio" id="food-1" name="rating__food" value="1">
						<label for="food-1"><svg><title>One Star</title><use xlink:href="#star"></use></svg></label>

				<fieldset class="rating rating__driver">
					<legend>How would you rate your delivery driver?</legend>
					<div class="flex-container">
						<input type="radio" id="driver-5" name="rating__driver" value="5">
						<label for="driver-5"><svg><title>Five Stars</title><use xlink:href="#star"></use></svg></label>
						<input type="radio" id="driver-4" name="rating__driver" value="4">
						<label for="driver-4"><svg><title>Four Stars</title><use xlink:href="#star"></use></svg></label>
						<input type="radio" id="driver-3" name="rating__driver" value="3">
						<label for="driver-3"><svg><title>Three Stars</title><use xlink:href="#star"></use></svg></label>
						<input type="radio" id="driver-2" name="rating__driver" value="2">
						<label for="driver-2"><svg><title>Two Stars</title><use xlink:href="#star"></use></svg></label>
						<input type="radio" id="driver-1" name="rating__driver" value="1">
						<label for="driver-1"><svg><title>One Star</title><use xlink:href="#star"></use></svg></label>

				<fieldset class="rating rating__experience">
					<legend>How would you rate your overall experience?</legend>
					<div class="flex-container">
						<input type="radio" id="experience-5" name="rating__experience" value="5">
						<label for="experience-5"><svg><title>Five Stars</title><use xlink:href="#star"></use></svg></label>
						<input type="radio" id="experience-4" name="rating__experience" value="4">
						<label for="experience-4"><svg><title>Four Stars</title><use xlink:href="#star"></use></svg></label>
						<input type="radio" id="experience-3" name="rating__experience" value="3">
						<label for="experience-3"><svg><title>Three Stars</title><use xlink:href="#star"></use></svg></label>
						<input type="radio" id="experience-2" name="rating__experience" value="2">
						<label for="experience-2"><svg><title>Two Stars</title><use xlink:href="#star"></use></svg></label>
						<input type="radio" id="experience-1" name="rating__experience" value="1">
						<label for="experience-1"><svg><title>One Stars</title><use xlink:href="#star"></use></svg></label>
			<button type="submit" class="feedback__submit">Submit feedback</button>



$primary: #e75480;
$secondary: #e9967a;
$baseSpacing: 20px; 

html { box-sizing: border-box; }
*, *:before, *:after { box-sizing: inherit; }

#modal {
	position: relative;
	background: linear-gradient(150deg, $secondary, $primary);
	height: 100vh;
	text-align: center;

svg {
  max-width: 100%;
  max-height: 100%;
  fill: rgba(#000, 0.06%);

.flex-container {
	display: flex;
	flex-direction: row-reverse;
	flex-wrap: wrap;
	justify-content: center;

.overlay {
	position: fixed;
	width: 100%;
	height: 100%;

.feedback {
	position: relative;
	background-color: white;
	border-radius: 10px;
	padding: $baseSpacing $baseSpacing $baseSpacing*2;
	margin: $baseSpacing auto;
	max-width: 550px;
	&__content {
		padding: 0 $baseSpacing*2 $baseSpacing;
	&__form {
		padding: $baseSpacing/2 0;
	&__submit {
		background-color: $primary;
		padding: $baseSpacing/2 $baseSpacing*2;
		border: 0;
		color: #fff;
		letter-spacing: 1px;
		box-shadow: 0 2px 5px grey;
		cursor: pointer;
		transition: all .2s;
		&:hover {
			background-color: darken($primary, 10%);

.rating {
	margin-bottom: $baseSpacing;
	border: none;
	input {
		display: none;
		&:checked ~ label svg {
			fill: gold;

		& + label:hover {
			& ~ label svg {
				fill: gold;
  label {
    position: relative;
		width: 2em;
  	height: 2em;

#close {
	border: none;
	background: transparent;
	outline: none;
	position: absolute;
	right: $baseSpacing/2;
	top: $baseSpacing/2;



                function sendFeedback() {
	const food = document.querySelector('input[name=rating__food]:checked');
	const driver = document.querySelector('input[name=rating__driver]:checked');
	const experience = document.querySelector('input[name=rating__experience]:checked');
	const feedback = { 
		food: checkValues(food), 
		driver: checkValues(driver), 
		experience: checkValues(experience) 

function checkValues(el) {
	if (!el) {
		return null;
	} else {
		return el.value; 

function displayFeedback(msg) {
	const feedbackEl = document.createElement('pre');
	feedbackEl.insertAdjacentHTML('afterbegin', msg);

document.querySelector('.feedback__submit').addEventListener('click', (e) => {