CodePen Chicago REBOOT!

It's been a while since the last CodePen Chicago but I'm excited we had so many people turn up! Matt Soria, @poopsplat, handed the reins to me, Brian Montana, @brianmontanaweb, as the new organizer to continue CodePen Chicago while he does some awesome remote work while traveling. The wonderful Marvin Cespo, @mcespo, will be doing the photography and documention :D

Ten people presented their pens and we saw some neat features from the CodePen team. Handed out t-shirts, water bottles and Material Design Icon posters.

Here's all of our wonderful presenters:

Chris Coyier showing off CodePen TV and Your Dashboard features

Chris Coyier presenting new CodePen features

Sean Mann's Growing Bubbles

Sean Mann presenting Growing Bubbles

Sean is a game and front end developer building web apps. He presented a Growing Bubbles to explore the UX of a smart watch.

Kevin Lesht's Potato or Tomato?!

Kevin Lesht presenting Potato or Tomato

Kevin works as a software engineer at Home Chef created a very difficult puzzle Potato or Tomato. It's a real time graphics based puzzle where a user makes a tough choice between Potato or Tomato!

Daniel Cortes's Hyper Finger Picker II Turbo: HD Remix

Daniel Cortes presenting Hyper Finger Picker II Turbo: HD Remix

Dan created a touch point randomizer that picks a winner from one of the touch points. Use it for figuring out where to go for lunch, the best Overwatch hero or what finger is better.

Jake Albaugh's Vocoder(private), @jakealbaugh

Jake explaining how another audio app works

Jake showed a Vocoder that modified audio on the fly using a mic or audio file. There was a second voting system pen that would play a major or minor note based on multiple user's input when visiting his pen.

Kennedy Collins's Warmer or Colder

Kennedy explaining Warmer or Colder by projection of code

Can't find something? Hate complex map apps? Warmer or Colder is perfect for you! When you get closer to a geolocation this app will tell you if you're heading in the right direction :D

Austin Andrews's Material Design Icons - Bootstrap 4

See the Pen Material Design Icons - Bootstrap 4 by Austin Andrews (@templarian) on CodePen.

Austin Andrew's has been building out the documentation for Material Design Icons in CodePen to share with the team. It's like Bootstrap docs but emoji filled!

Matt Helbig's Really Good Emails

See the Pen Startup Framework 2 is here, a new release by Designmodo! by Really Good Emails (@reallygoodemails) on CodePen.

Matt's part of the group at Really Good Emails. They collect the best work in email marketing, clean up the code and curate these wonders!

Jack Doyle, @GreenSock

Jack showing BendyBox

Jack Doyle aka GreenSock showed off the latest features and explorations with GreenSock. First was BendyBox, an animation showing stretch and squash with SVG. PathEditor that allows a user to update an SVG path handles, similar to Adobe Illustrator. GSDevTools a tool that lets you pick specific chunks of animation, render speed, timeline, etc.

Mica Alaniz's Illinois Map(private), @micada

Mica talking about Pawar campaign and the SVG map of Illinois

Mica talks about building a map of Illinois using Firebase, D3 and SVG. She's presenting location Pawar has been and where volunteers for the campaign are located across the state. Mica talked about proof of concepts are build in CodePen and handed off internally for the Pawar team to review.

Mike Aparicio's Beauty Now Responsive v2

Mike Aparicio show off responsive designs for Groupon

Mike works for Groupon and decided to build a proof of concept for a responsive solution to the current site.


Here's the rest and the album Brian Montana welcoming guests while holding a can of beer View of all the guests at CodePen Chicago about 50 Brian Montana doing a give away of swag: t-shirts, water bottles, Material Design Icon posters


Thank you to Chris Coyier, and the CodePen team for their help and support. A big thanks to Media Temple for sponsoring the pizza and beer :D Many thanks to Rudy, Angelica and Kevin at Salesforce for hosting us. Thanks to Austin for the Material Design Icon posters, and Marvin our photographer did an awesome job of documenting and picturing it up! Finally thanks to everyone who presented and/or showed up to support!

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