Glitch Art

Glitch Art was the theme suggested by Subi Shah and Bryn Gu. Everyone was encouraged to remain platform agnostic and show off any visual that focused on the glitch art aesthetic. We had so many presenters and if there are any corrections needed let me know, I'll fix them immediately!

Glitch Art is the pursuit of subverting a system that is presented as perfect and appreciating those deviations. There were presentations using CodePen, Processing, compression results, and more :D


Brian Montana

I presented a base64 image mutation approach, changing the string value of the final results of an image blob, this approach requires Chrome to see the final results.

See the Pen base64 glitch by Brian Montana (@brianmontanaweb) on CodePen.

Subi Shah

Subi was the first to show glitch art created by compression software in Slack, that altered the layering in a GIF. Glitch Gif of Chris Evans

Fen Slattery

Fen showed CSS effects that shift the visuals of an image without changing how the code is presented to the user then they showed off an awesome 404 page that focused on the glitch aesthetic.

See the Pen CSS Filter Image Glitching by Stephanie Slattery (@sublimemarch) on CodePen.

Fen presenting CSS blend mode glitch visuals

Frederick Wells

Fred showed off an homage to Weirdcore's introduction in Aphex Twins - T69 Collapse, a visually glitchy experience of a music video.

See the Pen Weirdcore homage by Frederick Wells (@pandabrand) on CodePen.

Frederick talking about Weirdcore glitch

Arelia Jones

Arelia showed off a glitch from Google Maps Arelia discovered when building a device orientation cube.

See the Pen Device Orientation Demo by arelia (@arelia) on CodePen.

Arelia in front of a projection of Google Maps with device orientation glitch

Bryn Gu

Bryn showed off a glitch effect that was inspired by an old hardware display glitch that would happen based on weather or aging tech.

See the Pen Hardware Glitch by Darkmoon Blade Bryn (@gubryns) on CodePen.

Cody Fuller

Cody went the route of subverting images into an ordering system with some wonderful results! Pixel Glitch Glotcher

Eric Nesser

Eric's SVG scene was a great tribute to Blade Runner's futuristic glitchy aesthetic.

See the Pen Animated SVG Sci-Fi Scene (w/ GSAP) by Eric J Nesser (@enesser) on CodePen.

Ana Luczynski

Ana showed off their illustrations that used with a glitch effect to distort and shift the image's RGB values. Ana's illustrations with glitch aesthetic

Jake Albaugh

Jake built an audio to image renderer in JavaScript... and we suggested to draw on the image after it was created. Next Jake showed a game with no ending about a shape trying to get a perfect circle by adding sides.

See the Pen Pursuit of PI by Jake Albaugh (@jakealbaugh) on CodePen.

Julian Hyde

CROWS! EVERYWHERE! Julian built an experience with an essay about "What is a Game?" that generates crows that get larger each time. Lots of crows over an essay on a monitor

Matt Soria

Inspired by Saul Bass motion graphics Matt decided to make a visual for a Firebelly company murder mystery outing. Matt at a laptop while presenting

Jeremy Kahn

Creatures mate, evolve, die and prey in Jeremy's Genetic algorithm builder that builds a micro ecosystem that changes over time.

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Thanks to Lauren, Amanda and the ActiveCampaign team for letting us use their space to host. Thanks to Marvin for the awesome photographs again!

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