<div id="root"></div>
const { HashRouter, Switch, Route, Redirect, Link, matchPath, withRouter } = ReactRouterDOM;

const Tabs = withRouter(({ items }) => (
  <div className="tabs">
    <ul role="tablist" aria-orientation="horizontal" className="tabs-list">
      {/* We loop through the "items" and create tabs for each */}
      {items.map((item) => (
        <li className="tabs-list__item" key={`tab-${item.name}`}>
    {/* Tab content - we use a Switch to only show one tab at a time */}
      {/* We loop through the "items" and create routes to correspond to each tab */}
      {items.map((item) => (
      {/* We can have a Redirect route to ensure we always have an active route */}
      <Route render={() => <Redirect to={items[0] ? items[0].route : '/'} />} />

function App() {
  return (
      <Tabs items={[
            id: 'id1',
            name: 'Tab #1',
            route: 'id1',
            render: () => (
              <div className="tab-content">
                Depths burying snare value law merciful value snare society eternal-return decieve aversion.
                Holiest virtues pious war depths noble inexpedient against endless ultimate. Merciful
                disgust convictions grandeur abstract battle gains revaluation fearful inexpedient right
                holiest faithful battle. Merciful depths decrepit intentions virtues salvation war ultimate.
                Sea transvaluation virtues suicide battle against victorious.
            id: 'id2',
            name: 'Tab #2',
            route: 'id2',
            render: () => (
              <div className="tab-content">
                Ideal overcome free burying grandeur aversion. Dead morality self right superiority passion
                virtues hope society play of snare grandeur. Good oneself burying law good ultimate burying.
                Play justice snare holiest noble sea reason marvelous right.
            id: 'id3',
            name: 'Tab #3',
            route: 'id3',
            render: () => (
              <div className="tab-content">
                Inexpedient gains prejudice aversion pious snare noble ocean ocean overcome self ubermensch
                prejudice philosophy. Ocean strong sea burying reason ultimate burying spirit. Pious christianity
                decieve endless abstract decrepit abstract. Ocean burying depths evil horror suicide mountains
                fearful depths christianity disgust gains horror. Self marvelous passion faith against grandeur.
        ]} />

ReactDOM.render(<App />, document.getElementById('root'));
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