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  1. Use CSS3 and you wouldn't lose the animation. ;)

  2. I would like to share a similar script that I recently create.

  3. This is the smallest accordion code wise that I think I've seen. Nice work.

  4. How i can add support for active state? Thank you for this great and efficient stuff! :)

  5. Nice work.! :)

    Could you please tell me how to make the accordion wider than 40%? I have tried to change the width but nothing happened when I upload it on my server...?

  6. Hi

    Anyone can add an arrow for this accordion

  7. Dan @DanielMKingery on

    I'm using notepad++ and a Weebly website. Am looking to turn the Table Of Contents of my 2018 US Presidential Administration Recall Election and Constitution Convention into a drop-down style with read more/less elements for longer sections (some section with more than one read more, and continue reading.

    For a code-novice such as myself; Brenden, would you have a copy of the complete code(s) that I can plug into Notepad++ to enter the Platform content? I have far too little funds but hope to increase exposure to your work, which will dress up the page a lot more. Right now, that is the best I have.

    A copy of the document is at CleanHonestGov . com home page.

  8. Is it possible to open for example Item 1 automatically? Thanks!

  9. Awesome idea! I expanded on yours with slightly different formatting at

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