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  <h1 class='center'>Leonhard Euler</h1>
  <h2 class='center'>Mathematician, Physicist, Astronomer</h2>

  <img src='https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/d7/Leonhard_Euler.jpg/220px-Leonhard_Euler.jpg'/>
  <h3 class='center'>(1707- 1783)</h3>
  <p>Leonhard Euler was a well established Swiss mathematician, physicist, astronomer, logician and engineer who made major discoveries in the field of mathematics.</p>
  <p class='center'><a href='https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_things_named_after_Leonhard_Euler'>Check out all the things named after Euler</a></p>
  <blockquote>To those who ask what the infinitely small quantity in mathematics is, we answer that it is actually zero. Hence there are not so many mysteries hidden in this concept as they are usually believed to be.</blockquote>
  <p>Here is a timeline of his life</p>
    <li><strong>1707</strong> - Born</li>
    <li><strong>1720</strong> - Enters University of Basel</li>
    <li><strong>1723</strong> - Completes Master's degree in philosophy</li>
    <li><strong>1726</strong> - Publishes <i>Constructio linearum isochronarum in media quocunque resistente</i>, his first paper</li>
    <li><strong>1730</strong> - Appointed professor of physics at St. Petersburg Academy</li>
    <li><strong>1734</strong> - Marries Katharina Gsell</li>
    <li><strong>1736</strong> - Publishes <i>Mechanica</i>, his first book</li>
    <li><strong>1748</strong> - Publishes <i>Introductio in analysin infinitorum</i></li>
    <li><strong>1755</strong> - Publishes <i>Institutiones calculi differentialis</i></li>
    <li><strong>1768</strong> - Publishes <i>Institutiones calculi integralis</i></li>
      <li><strong>1772</strong> - Publishes <i>Theoria Motuum Lunae</i></li>
    <li><strong>1783</strong> - Death</li>
  <p class='center'>Check out his bio on <a href='https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonhard_Euler'>Wikipedia</a></p>
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