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Make your own performance budget!


  1. something buggy when value change~

    and I re-write js part with prototype,

  2. Pretty neat!

    I'm looking to have the HTML in there for each "template" so that I could save a permanent HTML page of perf budgets to ref later, but when I edit the HTML directly (as opposed to the button) and copy the .b element I don't think the JS likes that. It's adding all of the inputs together instead of for each template. The actual and budget values of the different templates get messed up with each other. Will have to check out the JS to see what I can tweak to do that.

    UPDATE 1: Ah, I think I found that it only happens on load because of the budgetOverUnder($('.b')); call on load. That call isn't scoped on load any longer. Otherwise you have everything else nice and scoped!

    UPDATE 2: Yep, that was it! though more than just the budgetOverUnder. I noticed you had it for calculateActualSize and setCatWidths as well. Fixed


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