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              <div class="container">
  <div class="jumbotron">
  <div= class="row">
      <div class="col-sm-2">
  <div class="col-sm-8">
<div id="header">
<h3 id="subtitle"><em>The Greatest Pop Star of All Time</em><h3>
  <img src="" class="img-responsive" alt="Beyonc&eacute; on the Coachella stage with a smoky background" width="960px">
      <li><strong>1981</strong> - Born in Houston, Texas to Celestine "Tina" Knowles and Mathew Knowles</li>
      <li><strong>1989</strong> - Beyonce, along with Kelly Rowland and LaTavia Roberson were placed in a musical group called Girl's Tyme</li>
      <li><strong>1995</strong> - Mathew Knowles, Beyonce's father, quit his job to manage Girl's Tyme</li>
      <li><strong>1996</strong> - Beyonce and her groupmates were signed to Columbia Records and changed their name to Destiny's Child</li>
      <li><strong>1997</strong> - Destiny's Child released their major label debut song "Killing Time" on the soundtrack to <em>Men in Black</em></li>
      <li><strong>1998</strong> - Destiny's released their self-titled debut album</li>
      <aside>This album won 3 Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards</aside>
      <li><strong>1999</strong> - Destiny's Child released their second album <em>The Writing's on the Wall</em></li>
      <aside>This album went multi-platinum selling more than 8 million copies worldwide
      <li><strong>2001</strong> - Beyonc&eacute; landed the lead role in the MTV movie <em>Carmen: A Hip-Hopera</em></li>
      <li><strong>2001</strong> - Destiny's Child released their 3rd album <em>Survivor</em></li>
        <aside>This album debuted at number 1 and the title track earned Destiny's Child a Grammy</aside>
      <li><strong>2002</strong> - Beyonc&eacute; continued her movie career as Foxxy Cleopatra in <em>Austin Powers in Goldmember</em></li>
      <li><strong>2003</strong> - Beyonce starred opposite Cuba Gooding Jr in <em>The Fighting Temptations</em></li>
      <li><strong>2003</strong> - Beyonc&eacute; released her first solo album <em>Dangerously in Love</em> then went on the <em>Dangerously in Love Tour</em>
        <aside>This album debuted at number one and earned 5 Grammy awards</aside>
      <li><strong>2004</strong> - Destiny's Child released their final studio album <em>Destiny Fulfilled</em> and went on tour where they announced the end of the group</li>
       <li><strong>2006</strong> - Beyonc&eacute; released her second album <em>B'day</em> which also debuted at number one</li>
       <li><strong>2006</strong> - Beyonc&eacute; was in two major films: <em>Pink Panther</em> and <em>Dreamgirls</em></li>
      <li><strong>2007</strong> - Beyonc&eacute; set out on her first worldwide tour <em>The Beyonc&ecute; Experience</em> where she hit 97 venues, grossed $24 million and held food drives at several of the tour stops in major cities</li>
      <li><strong>2008</strong> - Beyonc&eacute; released her 3rd number 1 album <em>I am... Sasha Fierce</em> and married Jay-Z</li>
      <li><strong>2009</strong> - Beyonce went on her second worldwide tour this time grossing $119.5 million and played Etta James in <em>Cadillac Records</em></li>
      <li><strong>2010</strong> - Beyonc&eacute; performed at Barack Obama's inaugural ball, starred in <em>Obsessed</em> and broke the record for the most Grammy awards won in one night by a female artist</li>
      <li><strong>2011</strong> - Beyonc&eacute; released her 4th consecutive number 1 album <em>4</em>, which would go on to be certified platinum</li>
      <li><strong>2012</strong> - Beyonc&eacute; gave birth to her first child, Blue Ivy Carter</li>
      <li><strong>2013</strong> - Destiny's Child released a compilation album entitled <em>Love Songs</em><br>
        Beyonc&eacute; performed at Super Bowl XLVII<br>
        Beyonc&eacute;'s feature-length documentary <em>Life is but a Dream</em> aired on HBO<br>
        Beyonc&eacute; unexpectedly released her self-titled and fith consecutive number 1 album digitally, including a music video for each track<br>
        Beyonc&eacute embarked on her third world tour <em>The Mrs. Carter World Tour</em>
        <li><strong>2014</strong> - Beyonc&eacute; and Jay-Z announced the <em>On the Run Tour</em></li>
        <li><strong>2016</strong> - Beyonc&eacute; released <em>Lemonade</em>, her 6th consecutive number one album which broke several records and won several awards and accolades</li>
      <li><strong>2017</strong> - Beyonc&eacute; gave birth to twins Sir and Rumi Carter</li>
      <li><strong>2018</strong> - Beyonc&eacute; continues to be great and slay us all on a daily basis</li>
    <div class="col-sm-2"></div>
    Written and Coded by <a href="">Kisha Nadine</a>


.container {
  width: 960px;
  margin: 0 auto;
h1 {
  text-align: center;
h3 {
  text-align: center;
  margin-bottom: 40px;
footer {
  text-align: center;
img {
  max-width: 100%;