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http://bennettfeely.com/csscreatures Pure HTML/CSS Creatures. Make your own by tweeting to @csscreatures. For example, tweet:

@csscreatures #ab8e23 tooth hyper
@csscreatures orange
@csscreatures teeth nervous rgb(83,12,158)
@csscreatures turquoise moustache
@csscreatures hsla(44,50%,22%,.4) hyper teeth
@csscreatures hungry cyclops

See your creature appear on http://bennettfeely.com/csscreatures


  1. Excellent idea Bennett

  2. Awesome idea and Awesome Coding!

  3. just awesome! i liked the act of purple and green one :)

  4. I just left a relatively harsh comment on one of your other pens and felt bad. So I wanted to mention here that this is one of my favorite things ever. :)

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