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Make your own snowflake using text...


  1. Awesome fuck! Love it.

  2. Wow! Isn't it amazing what you can make with just a few lines of code?

  3. @moklick oh man that one is one spiky ass snowflake!

  4. If you use only a single ")", you got a starfish!

  5. xx makes a real snowflake :)

  6. °^ rotating whistles! Great stuff :).

  7. Hacked it

    using the following Character(s)

  8. ж☣

    This looks like a casting circle for a magic spell :D

  9. That's freaking badass! The only problem is, snowflakes are hexagonal, not pentagonal. Try this: http://codepen.io/joerhoney/pen/mPPGyG

  10. ¬ = Ninja star

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