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                <article class="markdown-body" style="padding: 2rem">
  <p>Notifications are banners that communicate a message with a severity attached to it. They grab the user’s attention to provide critical information needed in context.</p>
  <div class="notification" role="alert">
    A simple primary notification
  <div class="notification notification-error" role="alert">
    A simple error notification
  <div class="notification notification-warning" role="alert">
    A simple warning notification
  <div class="notification notification-info" role="alert">
    A simple info notification
  <div class="notification notification-success" role="alert">
    A simple success notification

  <h3>Additional content</h3>
  <p>Notifications can also contain additional HTML elements like headings, paragraphs and dividers.</p>
  <div class="notification notification-success" role="alert">
    <h4 class="notification-heading">Well done!</h4>
    <p>Aww yeah, you successfully read this important alert message. This example text is going to run a bit longer so that you can see how spacing within an alert works with this kind of content.</p>
  <div class="notification notification-warning notification-closable" role="alert">
    <strong>Holy guacamole!</strong> You should check in on some of those fields below.
    <button type="button" class="close" data-close="notification">


 * Notification variables
 * =============================================================================
$notification-spacer-y: 1rem;

$notification-padding-y: 0.5rem;
$notification-padding-x: 0.75rem;

$notification-border-width: 0.0625rem;
$notification-border-radius: .25rem;

$notification-font-size: 1rem;
$notification-line-height: 1.5rem;

// Colors
$notification-primary-color: silver;
$notification-error-color: tomato;
$notification-warning-color: gold;
$notification-info-color: skyblue;
$notification-success-color: limegreen;

// Types
$notification-types: (
  "error": $notification-error-color,
  "warning": $notification-warning-color,
  "info": $notification-info-color,
  "success": $notification-success-color

 * Notification mixins
 * =============================================================================
@mixin notification-type($color) {
  color: mix($color, black, 8% * 3);
  background-color: lighten($color, 8% * 2);
  border-color: darken($color, 8%);

 * Notification
 * @requires close
 * @requires notification.variables
 * @requires notification.mixins
 * {@link Examples}
 * =============================================================================
.notification {
  position: relative;
  padding: $notification-padding-y $notification-padding-x;
  border: $notification-border-width solid transparent;
  border-radius: $notification-border-radius;
  font-size: $notification-font-size;
  line-height: $notification-line-height;
  & + & {
    margin-top: $notification-spacer-y;
  @include notification-type($notification-primary-color);
  @each $type, $color in $notification-types {
    &-#{$type} {
      @include notification-type($color);
  &-heading {
    color: inherit;
    line-height: inherit;
  &-closable {
    padding-right: ($close-font-size + $notification-padding-x * 2);
    // Adjust close link position
    .close {
      position: absolute;
      top: 0;
      right: 0;
      padding: $notification-padding-y $notification-padding-x;
      color: inherit;

// Override styles from github markdown
.notification h4 {
  margin-top: 0;
  margin-bottom: 0.5rem;

.notification p {
  margin-bottom: 0;


                (function($) {
  function Notification(element) {
    this._element = element;
  Notification.prototype.close = function close(element) {
    element = element || this._element;

    var rootElement = $(element).closest(".notification")[0];
    var customEvent = this._triggerCloseEvent(rootElement);

    if (customEvent.isDefaultPrevented()) {

  Notification.prototype._triggerCloseEvent = function _triggerCloseEvent(element) {
    var closeEvent = $.Event('close.ui.notification');
    return closeEvent;
  Notification.prototype._removeElement = function _removeElement(element) {
  Notification._handleClose = function (notificationInstance) {
    return function (event) {
      if (event) {


    Notification._handleClose(new Notification())