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			span.jumbo 6 
				span.sign__text brands 
			span.subjumbo for the summer
				span.section__innertitle The inner workings
				| The first step was to find a font which had a number &lsquo;6&rsquo; that was almost perfectly circular. The font of choice in this case is Lato. 
				| The next step is to make the image fit inside the number. The trick is to pick an image and add it as a background-image of the number. The sizing is relatively easy by setting the background-size in em value. The positioning is trial&ndash;and&ndash;error, but doable. 
				| Another trick is to give the &lt;h1&gt; a viewport-relative font-size and style the inner elements (the &lsquo;6&rsquo;, &lsquo;brands&rsquo; and &lsquo;for the summer&rsquo;) with relative units, like ems, so they will always scale with the size of the title. 
				| (The font-sizes aren't bullet proof on large screens, but you get the idea)
				| Another 
				a href='' magazine layout
				|  brought to you by 
				a href='' a dude who likes to bring magazine layouts to the web
				| . Image taken from 
				a href="" Unsplash


                // SETTINGS

$primary: #333
$secondary: #fff
$cta: tomato

	@media (min-width: 48em)


@import ',400,700'

	font: 400 1em/1.4 'Lato', sans-serif
	color: $primary
	-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased

	margin: 0 0 16rem
	text-transform: uppercase
	text-align: center
	// Set a viewport-relative font-size once for the whole
	// <h1>. Child elements will be sized using em's, so they
	// will scale with this element regardlessof it's font-size
	font-size: calc(55vh + 55vw)

	display: block
	margin: -0.25em 0 0 // move up a little
	line-height: 0.875
	font-weight: 300
	background-image: url('')
	background-repeat: no-repeat
	// Trial-and error positioning and sizing
	background-size: 0.39em auto
	background-position: 53% 87.5%

	display: block
	font-size: 0.125em
	margin: -3.2em 0 0 // tweak position to it's inside the '6'

	background-color: $primary
	color: $secondary
	display: inline-block
	padding: 0 0.3em 0.1em
	line-height: 1
	position: relative
	margin: 0 0 0.45em
	// Generate the bottom border which is slightly wider
	// than the text
		content: ''
		position: absolute
		bottom: 0.08em
		border-top: 0.04em solid
		left: 0.2em
		right: 0.2em

// Had a hard time coming up with proper classnames here...
	display: block
	text-decoration: underline
	font-size: 0.03em
	text-shadow: 0.07em 0.05em 0 $secondary

		line-height: 1.5
			column-count: 2
			column-gap: 1em
			line-height: 1.33 // shorter lines of text, so lower line-height
// Not too happy with this technique: place an inline-block
// element inside a block element to get the bottom-border
// to be the right width (like an underline)
	text-align: center
	font-size: 1.15em

	text-transform: uppercase
	font-weight: 400
	border-bottom: 0.15em solid

	color: $cta


	background: $secondary

	margin: 0
		padding: 1em

	padding: 1em
	margin: 1em
	border: 1px solid
	max-width: 44em
		padding: 3em 5em
		margin-right: auto
		margin-left: auto
	margin-top: 3em
	text-align: center