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Messing around with reflections in threejs. Getting a feel for cubecameras and how to adjust settings. Playing with a lot of different mappings such as displacement, specular, environment, and normal.

This Pen is a fork of Bryan Jones's Pen ThreeJS Basic Template.


  1. you should blur the background image

  2. Hmm. The reflections on all the objects all seem to originate from the same point in the scene? For example, you can't see the reflection of the center sphere on any of the other objects. Just found that weird. Other than that, very nice!

  3. @darrylhuffman Very good point. Also, if you look close you will notice that the floor and light reflections aren't showing in the objects. I'm working to figure out why that is happening. There are definitely a few issues that need to be worked through.

    @NitrodeXXer Great idea! I'll add that and see how it looks.

  4. @darrylhuffman Hey I think I got the reflections fixed. Turned out that setting the positions with cubeCamera .position.set = cube.position didn't move the camera at all. I instead used cubeCamera.position.set(500, 320, -500). Seems to be working now and reflecting the base and lights. Thanks for insight!

  5. Of course, it looks great! :)

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