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This Pen is a fork of Axelaredz's Pen Slider in only css.


  1. It's awesome, but I've two questions. It is possible: to make it automatic? add a title to each of these slides?

  2. works great! I'm getting a weird effect as I add more pics. Seems to wrap to next line on the right end of the row of thumbs for one pic only... then seems to skip a line and start again on the left. just curious. Thanks!

  3. @bchamp62 Brian its magiс) this http://codepen.io/Vampireos/pen/rnewJ here is a crutch)

    ..himself in conjectures

  4. @Vampireos ...still scratching my head. changing padding value didn't seem to work for me (sorry... I'm a noob)

  5. not sure what I did but it is working now. Thank you.

  6. Its amazing... i will make my own also... hahahar...

  7. It's great! can i convert img tag to custom div tag?

  8. Thanks for your fast answer!

  9. @Vampireos Прикольный слайдер получился! Я также сделал слайдер смотри мой: http://codepen.io/Crook/pen/LldiH

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