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Animated SVG for use as loading animations.

  1. svg


  1. This looks awesome! It doesn't work in Firefox, though. But that can be fixed by simply adding zeros to the durations:

    dur="0.6s" instead of dur=".6s"

    Firefox always has had trouble with time, animation-delay: 0; won't work, but animation-delay: 0s; will, for example.

  2. @Michiel Thanks that's a great tip! I've updated and it's working fine in Firefox now :)

  3. they're fantastic. kudos and thank you :)

  4. Awesome! Loved it! =)

  5. Chrome 45 warns: "SVG's SMIL animations (, , etc.) are deprecated and will be removed. Please use CSS animations or Web animations instead."


  6. If you get the deprecated Warning you can easily add the animation with CSS/SASS:

    @include animation("400ms rotate linear infinite");
    @include keyframes(rotate){
        0% { @include transform(rotate(0)); }
        100% { @include transform(rotate(360deg)); }
  7. These are nice. Thanks! I'll be using a slightly altered one of these in a post and I'll be sure to link back to this for credit.

  8. This does not work on IE11. Is there any alternative for IE11?

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