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( Containing div's of ) Embedded SVG-files are absolute positioned, ( black rectangles on top of linear-gradients:) top div's with black rectangles is animated using css-animations.


  1. Looks a lot like a pen I made a couple weeks ago, except I used CSS border-image for scaleablility. Yours is definately more colorful, and probably works in more browsers. http://codepen.io/joeyhoer/pen/HCEJb

  2. Hey Joey, that kind of animation within a SVG data-url in the CSS is just great! Definitely will have to read up on 'SVG animateTransform' and it attributes --> https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/SVG/Element/animateTransform, and then make a fork of this thing with that in combination with the border-image CSS3 property. Until then my fork of you're fork will have to do: http://codepen.io/atelierbram/pen/qAxhc

  3. I like how you've created the illusion of moving colors. That's thinking outsize the box. I struggled most with the corners

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