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  1. This is really good. Is there anyway we can use 3-4 words sentence on button? How can we break the sentence into two lines?

  2. How can finally change the words in the viewport?? I even try with the remote Html but... I can't.. no matters what I write it still shows England

  3. @ZequiGuirdor In the javaScript pane - all the way at the bottom - can those values (within an array) be adapted

  4. U r So cool, man, thanks!!

  5. @atelierbram one more thing... how u change the number of dots? if u tell me I owe u my life... pleessee? :(

  6. Do you mean the nummer of items, here countries?

  7. @ZequiGuirdor fewer or more items? I haven't tried this myself, but one will have to dig into the HTML as well as the CSS and javaScript. Edit the array in the javaScript, also adapt the number of .dot classes there. But mind you I made a custom SVG background-image for the overlay as well (url embedded in the CSS), so that might not fit anymore after changing the number of items. Good luck!

  8. @atelierbram thanks men!! u r so patient. I'll try

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