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  1. really beautiful

  2. Thanks for the link!

  3. I could just sit and watch this... I think I will actually.

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous.

  5. Wonderful! <3

  6. great

  7. So serene…would love to see a site built-out with something like this.

  8. This is just awesome.

  9. lovely heart :) amazing

  10. Nicely done

  11. I am amazed by the depth!

  12. Awesome has been said too many times. I'm gonna say mind-blowing!

  13. WOW !! this is amazing ! :D

  14. This is ill!

  15. WOW !!! so strong!!!!

  16. really good!!

  17. Great skill you show with this here. I have seen a few of these types of pen's on here, and while they are amazing, I am left wondering how this would be used in web design? I would love to implement something of this nature as a background however before I built this new pc, whenever I went to a pen that was similar, my PC would slow considerably. The PC was a standard OEM that most users have minus the GPU. 4GB ram, 2.9GHz 64bit, 1GB nVidia card..

  18. jaw drops Whaaa?!

  19. spectacular!


  21. that would be a great background for a website :)

  22. Awesome!

  23. this is perfect ! bravo ! just it doesn't work with internet explorer. Do you know why ?

  24. perfect!

  25. amazing... perfect job.

  26. Where is the actual vector for the heart defined?

  27. wonderful

  28. Amazing!

  29. insane...

  30. I would LOVE to be able to get this as an animated background for my desktop :D

  31. Great Work!!

  32. one of the best animation outta there using canvas....TOTAL AWESOMENESS

  33. Great ! Can anyone please tell where I can learn this or at least get more information on how this was created and how it works? That would be great :)

  34. Amazing, today I applied it to one of my private single page, all my colleagues are surprised by the stunning effect of this. The page I mentioned is just for personal use, Can you please suggest what you learn in order to achieve this effect?

  35. Hi, I applied this background to a private site for a class and was wondering how you would go about changing the set height? I tried a few variations in the js but it seems any changes breaks the page. Thank you! Ps, wonderful work

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