Hello World!

So I'm learning how to code, again. Why again?

Well, I started at univesity, while I was studying Physics in Italy. I remember a big desktop computer, Red Hat as operating system. I remember it was the time I learned C and played with MATLAB (I always have to search if there's an H in MATLAB or not).

Oh, wait! My first language was Turbo Pascal in high school, that time I was still using Windows OS.

Anyway, back in univerity time, I used linux for years, LaTeX for my thesis and I graduated, WOW! I started coding a bit in Python, and I moved in Londoon.

I ended up in London with a Macbook, and enjoyed an intership coding in Ruby and then Java. After some personal studies and projects, I went back working with those two languages for a tech startup in Berlin, where a spent a little more than one year.

And now I'm here, my last weeks in Berlin, with another Macbook, thinking about Fedora to come back to Linux.

Right now I'm studying HTML, CSS and JavaScript on FreeCodeCamp, Python on edx.org, and Rust due to my interest for Servo and Mozilla projects.

Wish me luck!

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