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CSS 3d + vector image made in Illustrator.

GIF version: http://www.gfycat.com/FrigidObviousDikdik


  1. My only comment is sticazzi, my friend.

  2. Brillant, nice render !

  3. wtf!!1 kind of creepy

  4. This is really cool. #props

  5. I can't see other demo, haha

  6. This is really neat, nice use of CSS :)

    @ChronoPhoenix Isn't 'sticazzi' considered to be rude slang in some parts of the world? :P

  7. This is pure awesomeness !!

  8. this work make whole codepen crush :D

  9. forking awesome!

  10. Jeff @jeffibacache on

    Awesome !

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