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                <script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<div class="jumbotron">
<h1 class="display-4">Moon Halo</h1>
<span class="lead" style="font-size:200%">崩坏3《薪炎永燃》动画短片印象曲</span>
  <span class="lead">-茶理理 / TetraCalyx / Hanser / HOYO-MiX</span>
  <div class="lrc lead">
    <span><i id="lrctime" style="font-size:80%;color:blue"></i></span>
    <span id="lrclrc" style="color:green"></span>
  <hr />
  <audio src="" controls id="lrcaudio" style="width:100%" preload></audio>



                #time {


                /* Ar-Sr-Na RenderInfinity所有
var lrc=[
{"time":"00:00.00","timeout":0 ,"lrc":" 作词 : TetraCalyx"},
{"time":"00:01.00","timeout":1 ,"lrc":" 作曲 : 蔡近翰Zoe/TetraCalyx"},
{"time":"00:02.00","timeout":2 ,"lrc":" 编曲 : 宫奇Gon"},
{"time":"00:03.00","timeout":3 ,"lrc":" 制作人 : 宫奇Gon"},
{"time":"00:08.24","timeout":8 ,"lrc":"Some deserts on this planet were oceans once"},
{"time":"00:15.23","timeout":15 ,"lrc":"Somewhere shrouded by the night, the sun will shine"},
{"time":"00:22.24","timeout":22 ,"lrc":"Sometimes I see a dying bird fall to the ground"},
{"time":"00:29.15","timeout":29 ,"lrc":"But it used to fly so high"},
{"time":"00:35.20","timeout":35 ,"lrc":"I thought I were no more than a bystander till I felt a touch so real"},
{"time":"00:42.22","timeout":42 ,"lrc":"I will no longer be a transient when I see smiles with tears"},
{"time":"00:50.00","timeout":50 ,"lrc":"If I have never known the sore of farewell and pain of sacrifices"},
{"time":"00:57.20","timeout":57 ,"lrc":"What else should I engrave on my mind"},
{"time":"01:05.07","timeout":65 ,"lrc":"Frozen into icy rocks, that's how it starts"},
{"time":"01:12.08","timeout":72 ,"lrc":"Crumbled like the sands of time, that's how it ends"},
{"time":"01:19.10","timeout":79 ,"lrc":"Every page of tragedy is thrown away burned out in the flame"},
{"time":"01:32.05","timeout":92 ,"lrc":"A shoulder for the past"},
{"time":"01:35.02","timeout":95 ,"lrc":"Let out the cries imprisoned for so long"},
{"time":"01:39.07","timeout":99 ,"lrc":"A pair of wings for me at this moment"},
{"time":"01:44.00","timeout":104 ,"lrc":"To soar above this world"},
{"time":"01:46.09","timeout":106 ,"lrc":"Turn into a shooting star that briefly shines but warms up every heart"},
{"time":"01:54.10","timeout":114 ,"lrc":"May all the beauty be blessed"},
{"time":"02:01.06","timeout":121 ,"lrc":"May all the beauty be blessed"},
{"time":"02:09.17","timeout":129 ,"lrc":"I will never go"},
{"time":"02:16.22","timeout":136 ,"lrc":"There's a way back home"},
{"time":"02:23.06","timeout":143 ,"lrc":"Brighter than tomorrow and yesterday"},
{"time":"02:30.17","timeout":150 ,"lrc":"May all the beauty be blessed"},
{"time":"02:43.00","timeout":163 ,"lrc":"Wave good-bye to the past when hope and faith have grown so strong and sound"},
{"time":"02:50.04","timeout":170 ,"lrc":"Unfold this pair of wings for me again"},
{"time":"02:54.12","timeout":174 ,"lrc":"To soar above this world"},
{"time":"02:57.00","timeout":177 ,"lrc":"Turned into a moon that always tells the warmth and brightness of the sun"},
{"time":"03:04.23","timeout":184 ,"lrc":"May all the beauty be blessed"},
{"time":"03:12.00","timeout":192 ,"lrc":"May all the beauty be blessed"},
{"time":"03:19.22","timeout":199 ,"lrc":" 人声录音 : 徐威@52HzStudio"},
{"time":"03:20.43","timeout":200 ,"lrc":" 弦乐 : 龙之艺交响乐团"},
{"time":"03:21.64","timeout":202 ,"lrc":" 混音 : 宫奇Gon"},
{"time":"03:22.84","timeout":203 ,"lrc":" 母带 : 宫奇Gon"},
{"time":"03:24.05","timeout":204 ,"lrc":" Music by HOYO-MiX"}