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Another example of clip-path property for revealing content effect. This experiment will work on Latest Chrome, haven't tested on another browser.

The transition itself is not smooth i think, i have some difficulty time with the javascript. If you have better method please let me know in the comment.

The Design and animation Choreography itself was inspired by Great Shot from CHRISTOPHE KEREBEL on MaterialUp ( https://www.materialup.com/posts/personal-social-card-material-design-animation )


  1. Lurhv it! Always good to see people building nice UI components on Codepen!

  2. This is great, and I've used the idea myself for a VCard. Of course I noticed right away it doesnt work with Safari. Have you made any headway with clip-paths and Safari?

  3. @dustyyeti yeah i noticed that too, this pen is very experimental, even chrome & firefox has not fully supported the clip-path if you check on caniuse :) Maybe we can use SVG clip-path and animate it using third party js like greensock?

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