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<h3> Make your own account. <br>Disclaimer: This form is not collecting any data and will not privately save any data. This is just for test purposes.</h3>
Username:<input type = "Username" name = "neme"><br>
Password:<input type = "Password" name = "neme"><br>
Color:<input type = "Color" name = "neme"><br>
Date Of Birth:<input type = "date" name = "neme"><br>
Rate: Young<input type = "range" name = "neme">Old<br><br>
Will you tell me your page ??*<br>
<input type = "radio" name ="radio1" value "radio1">No<br>
<input type = "radio" name ="radio2" value "radio2">yes<br>
  <input type = "input" name = "input"><br>


  <h1>Hello, today we will talk about some science projects you could do. </h1>
  <p>Lets Start with the ceramic bowl science project!!!<br></p>
  Dry Erase Marker<br>
  Ceramic Bowl<br>
  Cold Tap Water<br>
  Lets Start The project!!!!!<br>
  Now go ahead and get the ceramic bowl and you write inside of it. <br>
  Then SLOWLY pour cold tap water inside. Whatever you drew with the dry erase marker will slowly lift of of the surface and it will be awesome!!!!!<br>
  Now that is the end of our projects</p>

<h2>©Copyright 2020 by Aram Services </h2>
<p>No part of this pen, project or anyting on this code shall be changed copied or tampered with. Remixing is allowed. When you come here DO NOT just start editing code. On your bottom right The should be a couple of buttons:<br>Delete, Add to Collection, Fork, Embed, Export, Share. You should click on the Fork button to Remix. Embedding is allowed. </p>
<h1>There  is  a HTML processor website where you can copy this code and remix it.:<br><a href=""target="_blank">HTML Edit Squarefree</a><br> Please do not copy this code and say it is your work. Please do not plagiarize. Credit <a href=""target="_blank">aramservices198 </a> from Code Pen when needed.</h1>
  <h5>* As mentioned above, This form cannot collect any data. If you woukd like to show me your page, follow me and then comment your CodePen Page Link. Thank you for your business.</h5>


background-color: Green;
font-family:Times New Roman;
font-size: 10;
  font-family: Calibri;
  font-size: 15;

  font-family: Playlist Script;
   font-size: 15;

background-color: green;
font-family: Cooper Black;
  text-decoration: blink;