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  1. This is so fucking great!

  2. Just wanted to say text is unreadable... then I noticed the mousemove handler :P Awesome demo :)

  3. very cool

  4. vorillaz @TheodoreVorillas on

    That's insane!!! It gives me a silent hill touch

  5. Awesome like a WebGL shader.. but in pure JS! just wow! Love the small details like vibrations

  6. don't love it


  8. 我和我的小伙伴儿们都惊呆了。太酷了!

  9. 好牛逼的样子。。。

  10. MY GOD IT'S *BEAUTIFUL*. And creepy in a delicious way...

  11. very NB!

  12. Looks great, but doesn't seem to work correctly in firefox and IE (color is washed out, nodes not visible). So not really for production use :(

  13. This is awesome, can it be modified to show vector graphic instead of text?

  14. This is fucking amazing! Wonderful Job!

  15. This is awesome!!!

  16. Great Work!!

  17. So coooool!!!!

  18. WOW!!! AMAZING!!!

  19. I love it! How could you add accelerometer control to it?

  20. Can someone help me to convert this into a preloading animation? preferably without the mouse interaction. @ara_node

  21. I love your work. I want to use this js as my wordpress homepaeg banner, but i am not sure how to do that. can u give an advice?

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