<!-- #apicart will be replaced by the product detail component --->
<div id="apicart"></div>

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@apicart/vue-components@1.0.0-alpha7/dist/bundles/default/default.full.min.js"></script>
    .setDevEnv() // Switch to dev environment
    store: new Apicart.Store({
      // Replace tokens with your PUBLIC tokens from the administration
      token: "9mCu3DlBCa4REI?Q7kKly!Rw6!_FvD8K_dgPXe1b20?r6!sPTQMyCpq_ADt!jXOD"
    vueComponents: {
      // If there is a productDetail.dataUrl configured on the page with the apicart default sandboy
      // then the product detail will be rendered instead of the category component.
      // Otherwise, if no product detail is configured, the category will be rendered according to configuration
      productDetail: {
        dataUrl: 'https://cdn.apicart.dev/external/wlhv1egho2u4p0e0nkne2mks7f9btigi/data/01/1.json'

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