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Build SVG paths easily using this GUI.

The main goal was to provide a quick way to get a path, without having to open tools like Adobe Illustrator. Made in 1000 lines using React v0.14.


  1. Very nice work

  2. I like the interface :) nice work.

  3. This is astoundingly good and useful, could've done with this a few months ago ona project!! Is it hosted anywhere else?

  4. Incredible. Great job!

  5. Dang! Nice work! With simple to use tools like this I might look more into SVG.

  6. Thank you all! :D

    @bUKaneer Not now but that could be a good idea. Maybe i'll do it later. :)

  7. Very nice work: Slick UI and UX! Nothing however is perfect, so here you are - my wishes:

    • Option to manipulate generated path in the textarea
    • (related) Option to paste your own path

    Great work, and very interesting that it is done using React - thanks for sharing.

  8. This is a really cool little app, works great, looks great, thanks very much for sharing

  9. Does not work on Safari browser

  10. @Emasoft Thanks for the feedback, but this pen was highly experimental. I'm working on a standalone version now.

  11. That was very good, Thank You! :)

  12. Arman @armantaherian on

    Just fore CTRL in Mac keyboard, add e.keyCode === 91 just for left Command key:

    if (e.ctrlKey || e.keyCode === 91) this.setState({ ctrl: true })
  13. Brother, I cannot thank you enough for developing this wonderful tool. Thumbs up! :-)

  14. I cannot heart this enough. I find visualizing d attributes pretty difficult and this just makes it so immediately clear. This would make an excellent teaching tool!

  15. This is so useful - thanks for sharing!

  16. Thank you for sharing this piece of good job :)

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