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A simple tool to build complex CSS Grid templates.

CSS Grid support:


  1. Hey its not working on chrome

  2. @aledavila What version are you using?

  3. Can the grid be exported?

  4. Seems to work in Chrome for me, but same question as Alex: can it be exported? Is there a functional application if not or just an experiment?

  5. @visualbean @aaronwinters916 What do you mean by "exported"? It simply generates a template string that you can put in the grid-template-areas property ( :)

  6. Thanks @anthonydugois ! I know I was referring to exporting the HTML skeleton along with the external CSS in context with selectors. Can see how pasting in that code alone into CSS will help simplify the process, given that one matches their HTML structure accordingly.

  7. @aaronwinters916 Yeah, the HTML structure and CSS code are totally up to you. This GUI only simplifies the creating process of the template, especially if you have a very complex layout.

  8. Very cool demo! FYI - The dragging GUI doesn't work on Safari 10.1 :(

  9. Nice work. How can you have the head sitting above/on top of the main content i.e. main z-index:1; and head z-index:2; ?

  10. @juanmata It's kind of hacky with grid-template-areas. You better do it manually using grid-column and grid-row.

  11. @anthonydugois Thanks for the reply. I've managed to achieve this by using 'grid-column: header-start / header-end;' and 'grid-row: header-start / leader-start;'

  12. If this is a "simple tool", why is React in the mix?

  13. Pretty neat.

  14. @goborobo Simple is relative.

  15. I peeped this on CreativeBloq and I have to say, this is AMAZING.

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