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              ## Alephbet adapter for using the gimel backend
## uses jQuery to POST data
## params:
## - url: Gimel track URL to post events to
## - namepsace: namespace for Gimel (allows setting different environments etc)
## - jquery (optional)
## - storage (optional) - storage adapter for the queue
class @GimelAdapter
  queue_name: '_gimel_queue'

  constructor: (url, namespace, jquery = $, storage = AlephBet.LocalStorageAdapter) ->
    @log = AlephBet.log
    @_storage = storage
    @$ = jquery
    @url = url
    @namespace = namespace
    @_queue = JSON.parse(@_storage.get(@queue_name) || '[]')

  _remove_uuid: (uuid) ->
    (err, res) =>
      return if err
      AlephBet.utils.remove(@_queue, (el) -> el.properties.uuid == uuid)
      @_storage.set(@queue_name, JSON.stringify(@_queue))

  _flush: ->
    for item in @_queue
      callback = @_remove_uuid(item.properties.uuid)
        method: 'POST'
        url: @url
        data: JSON.stringify(item.properties)
        crossDomain: true
        contentType: 'application/json'
        success: callback

  _track: (experiment_name, variant, event) ->
    @log("Persistent Queue Gimel track: #{@namespace}, #{experiment_name}, #{variant}, #{event}")
    @_queue.shift() if @_queue.length > 100
        experiment: experiment_name
        uuid: AlephBet.utils.uuid()
        variant: variant
        event: event
        namespace: @namespace
    @_storage.set(@queue_name, JSON.stringify(@_queue))

  experiment_start: (experiment_name, variant) =>
    @_track(experiment_name, variant, 'participate')

  goal_complete: (experiment_name, variant, goal) =>
    @_track(experiment_name, variant, goal)
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