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              <div id="main" >
<h1 id=title> Dude Perfect </h1>
<h2> On Trickshotting </h2>
<div class= ".container" align= "center" >
  <div id="img-div" >
<img id="image" src="https://theawesomer.com/photos/2017/08/dude_perfect_airplane_trick_shots_t.jpg" alt="" >
    <div id="img-caption" > <strong>Dude Perfect in their famous airplane trickshots video.</strong> 
    <div id="tribute-info">
      Dude Perfect is an American sports entertainment group which routinely uploads new video content to various YouTube channels. The group consists of twins Coby and Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney, all of whom are former high school basketball players and college roommates at Texas A&M University. The members of the group hold several Guinness World Records. Their YouTube videos have garnered over 5 billion views total and their flagship channel, "Dude Perfect," has over 32 million subscribers as of June 2018.
    The channel is the 7th most-subscribed channel overall, the most subscribed channel in the United States, and the most subscribed sports channel on YouTube.

The most popular content created by Dude Perfect consists primarily of videos depicting various trick shots and stunts cut together and set to upbeat music. The group also regularly uploads videos of "battles," where the individual members of Dude Perfect compete against one another in a good-natured game or contest usually featuring elements and creative spins on different sports and a unique set of rules. A series of short comedy/satire videos called "Stereotypes," depicts Toney, Jones, Hilbert, the Cotton twins and others acting out humorous scenarios intended to ring true of common experiences and situations. On January 8, 2018, Dude Perfect launched a series called "Overtime," which mixes the lighthearted aspects of their other videos in a talk show parody format.
      <p> "If your dreams don't scare you...
        they're not big enough."</p>
      <div>--Cory Cotton of Dude Perfect </div>
    <h3> If you have time, you should read more about this incredible group on their
    <a id="tribute-link" href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dude_Perfect" target="_blank">Wikepedia Entry.
              html,body {
  font-family: trebuchet MS;
  text-align: center;
h1 {
  font-family: trebuchet MS;
  font-size: 50px;
  color: cyan;
  background-color: purple;
  text-align: center; 
h2 {
  text-align: center;
  font-family: arial;
  font-size: 25px;
.container {
 width: 700px;
  height: 600px;
img {
  text-align: center;
  margin: auto;
  width: 700px;
blockquote {
  font-style: italic;

p {
  font-weight: 1000;

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