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                /* By Marcus Parsons */

var quiz = [
  //The first index is always a question, and the remaining indices can be any answers you wish to accept in uppercase format
['What region is Osaka a part of?', 'KANSAI', 'KANSAI REGION'],
['Is Hokkaido in north Japan? Yes or No?', 'HAI', 'YES', 'Y', 'SI'],
['What is the OR code in JavaScript?', '||'],
['What is the AND code in JavaScript?', '&&'],
['What city is the district of Sakai in?', 'OSAKA', 'OSAKA CITY']
var correctAnswers = 0,

alert('Good evening! I will ask you a series of questions.');

//Iterates over the entire quiz array (starts at 0, ends with the last index of the array)
for (var i = 0; i < quiz.length; i++) {
    //question will be the very first index of each array
    question = quiz[i][0];
    //prompt user with question and convert to an upper case format
    response = prompt(question).toUpperCase();
    //set a new variable that will keep track of whether an answer was found
    //so that multiple answers can be added to each question
    var answerFound = false;
    //start at index 1 which is where first answer resides and iterates over each individual question/answer array
   //this is the loop that goes over every answer stored in the quiz array
    for (var m = 1; m < quiz[i].length; m++) {
        //set answer to be the current index at location m
        answer = quiz[i][m];
        //check to see if user response equals answer at this index
        if (response === answer) {
            alert('That is correct!');
            //add to total correct answers
            //signal that answer has been found
            answerFound = true;
        //if answer was found, break out of the "m" loop
        if (answerFound) {
    //if after execution of "m" loop, an answer wasn't found
    //that means the answer was incorrect
    if (!answerFound) {
        alert('Sorry, that is not correct!');

//And here's how you can dynamically handle the crown system
//it is the same principle as the whole numbers applied to the ratio
//of correctAnswers to the total questions which is = quiz.length
var ratio = (correctAnswers / quiz.length);

//think of the ratio ranges as the same kind you use in school for getting grades
//you can modify these ratios to be whatever range you wish
//ratio of 1 = 100%
if (ratio === 1) {
    alert('Congratulations! You have answered all 5 questions correctly!');
    alert('You win the gold crown!');
//80% to 60%, same as 3 or 4 in your case
else if (ratio <= .8 && ratio >= .6) {
    alert('Good job! You have answered ' + correctAnswers + ' correctly! You win a silver crown!');
//less than 60% to 20%, same as 1 or 2 in your case
//this range is a bit broad but you can play with it
else if (ratio < .6 && ratio >= .2) {
    alert('Not bad. You answered ' + correctAnswers + ' correctly. Here\'s a bronze crown. Study and try this again!');
//For when they answer less than 20% correctly, or 0 in your case.  
else {
    alert("You answered " + correctAnswers + " correctly.  It wasn't enough to pass the test.  Study hard and come back!");
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