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              <div class="services">
			<div class="services_graphic">
					<li id="primary" class="selected toggle-position-one">Primary Services</li> 
					<li class="two toggle-position-two" id="secondary">Extras</li>
			<div class="services_text viewed" id="primary">
				<h2>Brand New Website</h2>
				<p>We work closely with you to develop ...</p>
        <div class="services_text" id="secondary">
				<h2>Hosting and Webmaster Services</h2>
          <p>In addition to design...</p>

              .shift_background {

.services_text {
	position: absolute;

.viewed {

.services_graphic li {


$(".services_graphic li").click(function(){
	var thisID = $(this).attr('id');
	//console.log(thisID);//test code
	//update the selected tab

	//hide the currently displayed about content and replace with the newly selected content using corresponding id

	//switch the tab background image position to reflect the selected content
	var $selected = $('.selected');
	if ($selected.hasClass("two")) {
		//switch tab wording positions if primary was previously selected
		if ($selected.hasClass('toggle-position-two')){

	else {
		//switch tab wording positions if extra was previously selected
		if ($selected.hasClass('toggle-position-one')){}
	//switch the position of the <li>s with tab labels for phone display only


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