<div id="root"></div>
import React from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/react';
import ReactDOM from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/react-dom';

const {useState} = React;

// These are going to be our default values for each of the five notes
// to give the user an idea of what they might write
const ideaList = ["I'm thankful for my friends",
                  "I'm thankful for my family",
                  "I'm thankful for my health",
                  "I'm thankful for my hobbies",
                  "I'm thankful for CSS Tricks Articles"]

const maxStatements = 5;

function Parent(){
  const [list,setList] = useState([]);
  // Handler function for when the statement is completed
  // Sets state providing a new array combining the current list and the new item 
  function onStatementComplete(payload){
  // Function to reset the list back to an empty array
   function reset(){
  return <div>
    <h1>Your thankful list</h1>
    <p>A five point list of things you're thankful for:</p>

    {/* First we list the statements that have been completed and are in the list*/}
    {list.map((item,index)=>{return <p>Item {index+1}: {item}</p>})}

    {/* If the length of the list is under our max statements length, we render 
    the statement form for the user to enter a new statement.
    We grab an example statement from the idealist and pass down the onStatementCOmplete function.
    Note: This implementation won't work as expected*/}
    {list.length<maxStatements ? 
      <StatementForm initialStatement={ideaList[list.length]} onStatementComplete={onStatementComplete}/>
      :<button onClick={reset}>Reset</button>

// Our child StatementForm component This accepts the example statement for it's initial state and the on complete function
function StatementForm({initialStatement,onStatementComplete}){
   // We hold the current state of the input, and set the default using initialStatement prop
 const [statement,setStatement] = useState(initialStatement);

  return <div>
    {/*On submit we prevent default and fire the on cocmplete statement*/}
    <form onSubmit={(e)=>{e.preventDefault(); onStatementComplete(statement)}}>
    <label htmlFor="statement-input">What are you thankful for today?</label><br/>

    {/* Our controlled input below*/}
    <input id="statement-input" onChange={(e)=>setStatement(e.target.value)} value={statement} type="text"/>
    <input type="submit"/>
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