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Simple Flat Login Form w/ Animate.css

Animate.css can be found here: http://daneden.github.io/animate.css/


  1. Like the flip, and even the pulse on the login button would be nice if it wasn't infinite.

  2. @corysimmons You're absolutely right! The login module would look nicer without the infinite on the button. This was just a quick side project at first to distract me from homework so I didn't spend that much time on it. So instead of creating my own keyframes, I decided to take the faster route and use Animate.css.

  3. I love the flat design and i love this form, i follow you and i hope you will make more codepen with flat

  4. @pib Thanks! I'll be planning to release a new pen everyday. Hope you enjoy them aswell!

  5. veryy cool pen

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