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A simple flat navigation with a working dropdown menu.


  1. You have to speedup the dropdown animation and add a timing function with cubic-bezier!

  2. Classy design, cool with it.

  3. Dang, every design you do is just so clean!

  4. @MattiaAstorino Thanks for the advice, I'll look into creating a timing function with cubic bezier!

    @MattiaAstorino, @koolhaus , @TyStelmach , @solvm Thanks for all the support, I really appreciate it!

  5. @ahmad_hania Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Great job Andy. Sleek, stylish and simplistic - What more could one ask for!

  7. Great but it doesn't seem to be very responsive

  8. Great job! I made a fork of this and included credit to you at the bottom right of the pen.

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