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              <h1>BULLS-EYE Cowboy Beans</h1>


 <li> 1 lb. hamburger meat</li>
 <li> 1/2 c. chopped onions</li>
 <li> 6 slices <strong>pre-cooked</strong> bacon</li>
 <li> 1 can pinto beans</li>
 <li> 1 can kidney beans</li>
  <li>1 bottle <em>BullsEye Texas Style</em> sauce</li>


 <li> Fry hamburger meat and onions together, when fully cooked drain off excess fat.</li>
  <li>In large saucepan, add hamburger meat mixture, all three kinds of beans and Bullseye BBQ sauce.</li>
 <li> Mix well and cook slowly on low heat for 30 to 45 minutes.</li>
 <li> Top with crumbled bacon and serve cornbread. <em>Delicious.</em></li>
A good example of how short, simple, and semantic HTM can be. The most important tips...

• Remember to choose "one" main headline <h1> for your content an make it a single complete phrase 
• Strive to group similar content with simialr tags <h2>
• Why did I use two different styles of lists? How are they semantically relevant to the content of this recipe?

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