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Experimental eCommerce grid layout. Uses CSS Grid.


  1. very cool!!

  2. This is awesome, Andy. 👏

    I did find the hover effect a little janky - had a go with animating transforms instead which gave me better results: https://codepen.io/liamj/pen/GBoaEZ

    Gotta get me a pair of those I-5923s...

  3. Thanks @liamj !

    Nice job, your animation is very smooth. I had thought about having the whole column rise for the hovered shoe but that was a level of difficulty too far.

  4. You used vw measurement unit.

    Is it supported in many device?

  5. @RIR360 According to caniuse only Opera Mini doesn't support vw, and it also doesn't support CSSGrid

  6. @andybarefoot OK...thanks.

    But I didn't get notified for your comment. how can I enable notifications?

  7. This is amazing. Premium stuff.

  8. Thanks @umarabdullahi ! I appreciate the feedback.

  9. This is too cool. I'd totally shop this site just for the look alone.

  10. MuhammadAhsan @MuhammadAhsanRehman on

    This is really cool stuff.


  11. Thanks @KristopherVanSant ! I should have added some real affiliate links to the sneakers ;-)

  12. That is wicked!

  13. Nice and innovative design indeed.

  14. Hexagons in CSS. Woah!

  15. Awesome work! Nice colour palette too.

  16. Sir Frontend!

  17. Thanks @ADunkley! I use https://coolors.co/ to generate colour palettes.

  18. Thanks @diazwatson! Does the title come with a castle?

  19. ‪Awesome, but I’m getting some verrrrrry strange rendering behaviors on my iPhone 7 Plus. Maybe avoid the CSS drop-shadow’s and use an image as your shadow instead (for much better performance!) 😃‬

    ‪More info on that here:‬ https://stackoverflow.com/a/6967834/4623941

    Here’s a screen recording: https://twitter.com/pickjbennett/status/1025844143933743104?s=21

  20. So... refreshing. Well done!

  21. Good job on this project, bravo 👏🏻

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