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                <div class="demo">
  <!--Content will ne inserted here-->




                const demo = document.querySelector('.demo')
const template = `<h4>You are uploading large files to AWS S3 bucket, ranging from 1GB &ndash; 3GB. Your organization has a requirement to calculate the hash checksum of the file by reading entire file so the users can validate the checksum to identify any potential corruptions during downloads. For this, you created a Lambda function and getting it triggered through S3 notifications. However, the request is getting timed out. What could be the reason?</h4><ul><li>A.Lambda function is configured with minimal memory of 128 MB.</li><li>B.Lambda function is set to run in a private VPC without NAT Gateway or VPC Endpoint.</li><li>C.You have not setup S3 bucket name in the environment variable.</li><li>D.Lambda function is created in a different region than S3 bucket.</li></ul>`

demo.innerHTML = template